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The unconcealed Tantric power discourse

The importance of bhukti liberation

The high-caste Tantric category of liberation had two aspects to it – a worldly and an otherworldly aspect. We have discussed the otherworldly. In much of the Tantric tradition the worldly aspect was deliberately emphasised and targeted. Here it empowered the individual, implying that it pulls in the opposite direction to some monotheistic Saivite discourse. The logic was simple: if divine power was a part of the world, why not embrace and take advantage of this divine resource? There was nothing wrong with the power of this world per se, as it was seen as a part of the divine. Further, the good news was that those powers were readily available and accessible in the body.

The Tantric discourse then promised fast access to this divine power resource. It often ridiculed the ascetic and the Buddhist monk who would have to work for many re-incarnations to achieve their power through meditation. Instead Tantra promised perfection – siddhi – in this life. Tantra claimed it was often just a question of using the right techniques to release the female deities inhabiting the world and the body.

Pick up your weights, with your palms face in and Yoga poses for size zero your arms straight in front of the ball. Pull your shoulder blades together, opening your Yoga poses for size zero chest. Bend your elbows back and lift them to the ceiling, pressing your rib cage into the ball. Return to the stretch position. Do this 10 times. 50 INTERMEDIATE Lateral Shoulder Raises, One Leg Raised BENEFITS: Strengthens the middle of your shoulders and tightens your abdominal muscles. Sit on the ball, your elbows bent to your sides and your hands forward. One foot should be off the floor.

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