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The subtle body discourse – the inventive phase

The Siddhas – a major source for hatha-yoga

Hatha discourse is more than Kundalini, the divinisation of the body and the utilisation of sexual fluids as a part of practice. Key to hatha-yoga discourse is the subtle body sign. The subtle body was originally imagined as a fluid system, but over the following pages we will see how the subtle body also became seen as a divine system.

In the emerging hatha-yoga discourse the subtle body had a very physical aspect to it. Here the subtle body was a very earthly and corporeal body system of liquids, which has to be pumped and moved up and down through some physical channels296. It was a fluid system. This subtle body sign did not figure in the Kula discourse of divine energies and sexual fluids.

Stretch to the opposite side and notice if you feel more Yoga poses standing tension in one hip than the other. Use natural breathing so you will stay focused on Yoga poses standing initiating the pelvic floor and deep core muscles. Repeat 4 times. Make sure both hips and buttocks stay even on the ball. 3 Upper Body Arm Swings Sit tall on top of the ball with your arms at your sides. Inhale, expanding your ribs as you roll the ball forward. Swing your arms loosely up, stretching your lats and abs. Roll the ball back and exhale, releasing your arms loosely down to your sides, maintaining a tall torso, with your knees stacked over your ankles.

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