Yoga Poses Tripod Headstand Workout Tutorial

Hi I’m Asha a yoga teacher today I’m going to show you one of my favorite Asanas which is the tripod headstand, if you’re a beginner to yoga I would suggest you first do some basic yoga postures to build your body strength before you try the headstand some of the benefits of a headstand is it works a lot from your core you have to engage all the core muscles to really pull the body up into an inversion and a lot of strength in the upper body. So the shoulders the arms. And the upper back this is a great Asana. And I’m going to show you how to get in and out of the tripod headstand in a safe and easy way so bring the palms directly underneath the shoulders and knees are hip distance apart squeezing the elbows into the side of the body start to drop the weight into the top of the head bring you the top of the head down so Samas like a waterfall gently just touch the top of the head down.

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And then lift back up you can do this about maybe five to ten times to feel the shift of the weight move into the upper body. And then move into your headstand to get into a headstand you first wanted bring a little fold on to the mat. So you can either double fold it or triple fold it I like to triple fold it bring the top of the hand that’s the crown to the head on to the cushion part place the palms onto the ground keeping the wrists. And the elbows directly in one line and squeeze the palms into the ground tucking the toes lift the hips and start to walk the toes towards the body see, if you can place the knees on to the elbows. And then lift the feet up make sure to keep pushing into the palms when you feel nice and strong start to lift the legs up pointing them towards the ceiling to come down just drop one leg then the other. And then stay down to relax the head and that is the tripod headstand. So, if you just watch this post. And you’re really excited to start practicing your own headstand I would first suggest that maybe you go to a yoga studio and get the guidance of a teacher to help you safely go into the headstand once you have the practice then you can try this at home, if you like to watch more of these amazing and fun posts all you have to do is subscribe to this blog right here see ya.

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