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Finally – the intellectuals arrive at yoga

As the cult and sampradaya solidified, grew and institutionalised, it would have reached a point where it needed recognition by the ruling regional elites whose financial and political support could be crucial. This was often the moment to write a text on yoga or Tantra where the new and the old adapted to each other. Often there would be a hegemonic intellectual and ideological discourse to which the new cult needed to adapt. Hence the texts we encounter only give us some general information about their contribution to theoria and praxis. Instead they are occupied with sending out the right signals, enabling them to be taken seriously. Intellectuals – often Brahmins – became the scribal class who could produce the text in such a way that it would gain recognition. This was a central function of written yoga discourse: yoga was one among various instruments (discourses) for accumulation of religious symbolic capital and it was important to be seen to master it.

In the chapter on the materialisation of hatha-yoga we shall see that the sociological model described above illuminates the hatha-yoga milieu and the appearance of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

The heel of your right foot is up, with your Yoga poses upper body strength weight forward on the toes and heel of your left foot. Hold the ball in front Yoga poses upper body strength of the thigh of your left leg. Then sweep the ball across your body with straight arms in a circular motion as your hips lift and pull backwards. Continue moving front to back, feeling your hips open. Do this move 4-6 times, then hold and pulse for 8 counts in the curtsy position, then repeat to other side. Your arches should be active in any lunges to facilitate proper weight distribution. This will send energy up through the upper most part of your inner thighs, as if you have to go to the bathroom and are holding it. 25 INTERMEDIATE Side Bend with Straight Leg Side Lift BENEFITS: Slims the outer thighs and, at the same time, you have to really use your obliques to keep your body aligned.

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