Yoga poses using blocks

Raise your back heel to stretch your arch. Your weight Yoga poses using blocks should be on the underside of your toes. Pay attention to keeping your ankles even and Yoga poses using blocks your hips squared. Place your forearms on top of the ball and press downward. Feel your chest rise up as your abdominals lift and stretch, elongating your spine and locking in proper hip alignment. Lower to a deep lunge position then rise back up. Move slowly, 3 counts each way. Repeat 6 times on each leg.

Tantric goddesses Siddha cults Goraksa-sataka The serpent Kubjika Subtle body Yogini kulas Kula cults Shatkarma instead turns out to be its ideological subjugation and imprisonment of Saivism.

Because hatha-yoga was the result of a mixture of very diverse, radical and obscure discourses the meaning and goals of its own practices are open to very different interpretations reflecting various social milieus of interactors. Are the goals of hatha-yoga an expression of urban elites ‘ Tantric quest for transcendental consciousness – or are they an expression of rural low castes’ thirst for immortality and semi-divine power? When studying the old scriptures there are many answers to the question Why practise hatha-yoga?  . Most popular yoga books and instructors are not aware of this ambiguity as they introduce newcomers to the purpose of hatha-yoga.

Modern yoga practitioners after reading this chapter will probably wish to re-consider whether there are any similarities between why they practise yoga and why the original hatha yogis did so.

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