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The Jains and the high status of Tantra and yoga signs – the Yoga-sastra

The combination of Tantra and yoga also found its way into other ascetic-wisdom liberation discourses. We have until now focussed on Saivite and Brahmin discourses – let us now investigate briefly Vishnu and Jain discourses. Ascetic-meditative yoga did not seem to play a major role among the medieval Vishnu groups. Late Medieval Vaishnavism and Bhakti had become almost synonymous, and with the arrival of the Turkic Muslims, Bhakti became a major force. There surfaced a couple of Samhitas (i.e. Vaishnavite style Tantras) dealing with a six-limb yoga: the Visnu- and Sanatkumara-Samhita (Gronbold 1996).

Even the Jains found it necessary to send out signals about the need for knowledge of the combination of yoga and Tantra. As we recall the Jains traditionally employed the notion of yoga in a negative way. For them yoga’ meant activity, which one should avoid, as it generated karma. If one instead considered actual Jain practice, which centred around ascetic ethical living, wisdom and meditation, then most people would probably conclude that the Jains practised yoga. But many Jains had until then declined to adopt this Kshatriya notion.

Your left leg should be long over the ball while the Yoga poses video clips weight of your body is in the right leg. Come down into a 2nd position plie Yoga poses video clips over the ball. Immediately begin to come back up with your weight on the left leg and the right leg long. Repeat this up to 10 times on each side. 34 BEGINNER Seated Forward Roll BENEFITS: Stretches your back and upper body, teaches body awareness of your transverse abdominals. Sit with your legs in a wide V position, the ball between your thighs. Roll the ball forward. Hold the stretch for a few deep breaths.

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