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India was in the same position and this shaped yoga as a cultural field in decisive ways. As we have seen, the Buddhists and Jains, who both had strong institutions, did not canonically adopt the yoga discourse. The Brahmins only reluctantly adopted the yoga discourse and it was quite late before yoga finally became a part of their canon. The adoption of the Yoga Sutra as a darsana only ignited theological based commentaries. In such an environment there is little probability of systematisation and standardisation of yoga theoria and praxis. Then there were the various monotheistic communities, who also suffered under the weak and fragmented institutionalism under discussion, so they did not provide much yoga discourse. Even their temples and medieval monastic movements seem not to have produced much technical yoga discourse.

We are left with the urban upper classes and warrior nobility. The yoga discourse most probably unfolded here in a heterogeneous and loose stratum of householders and itinerants. Hence we have seen within the yoga discourse that at any time numerous strains of yoga flowered with different methods and different goals within different social strata. It is not surprising that such a fragmented cultural field of yoga was unable to concentrate and standardise the yoga discourse into a coherent doctrine. Most styles would be local and short lived before they became extinct or amalgamated with other local yoga dialects.

Circle your leg forwards. Lower your leg to the floor Yoga poses vrksasana . Repeat 5 times. Switch sides and repeat. BEGINNER Chest and Arm Reach and Twist Yoga poses vrksasana BENEFITS: Opens your chest, especially if you have a tendency to hunch over your desk or steering wheel. It’s also a great release for tight shoulders. Begin lying on your side on top of the ball with your bottom leg straight, and your top leg crossed over your bottom leg. Your bottom arm is bent behind your head and your top arm is straight up from your shoulder, palm facing forward.

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