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In general, one can possibly conclude that the yoga sign in this period acquired a stigma. It was not just a high status notion. Most Tantric theological discourse did not treat yoga positively. Often yoga was dismissed as inefficient or redundant. Yoga’s stigma seems to be reflected in popular narration (White 2009). In medieval romances, tales and farces the figure of the Jogi began to gain prominence. He often emerged as a sort of anti-protagonist – the symbol of wickedness ruining the life of good people. So in these genres the Jogi was not portrayed as a peace-loving meditator – as modern popular yoga discourse would like to show him – but as a powerful evil sorcerer scaring the audience.

So the Tantric period was a tumultuous period for the medieval yoga discourse. At one moment it seems that yoga was renewed and blossoming, at the next it was hidden away in a theistic closet. Let us now have a short sketch of Tantric theological discourse as expressed among the high-castes and then have a look at the cultural sociology of Tantra.

Write down the numbers of the exercises that look like they Yoga poses for weight loss belly will help you reach your goals. Think about which moves would work as a warm- Yoga poses for weight loss belly up easy moves that eventually get harder, and then a cool-down moves that go from hard to easy, and then a logical sequence in the middle. You might want to work from standing to sitting to lying on the ball. Or, from one body part to another. Or, for a tougher workout, exhaust one body part by doing two or more exercises for it in a row. Don’t just stick with first program you create. Changes in your body only happen when the muscles are continually surprised, so try your sequences for a week or two and then create a new routine. You might want to do the moves in reverse or just pick new moves for the same muscle groups.

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