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One of the very few texts that offer a rational explanation of supernatural powers in a Samkhya context is the Mahabharata. In its Moksha-dharma the accrual of super powers is related to the meditator gaining control over and insight into the constituting elements of reality the tattvas. By controlling the tattvas, which constitutes the self, the meditator not only manages the processes of his conceptual apparatus but also the equivalent processes in the outer reality. In MBh 12.228 these powers are called aisvarya – the power of the sovereign (Malinar 2012b). So, as the yogi accesses and brings deeper and deeper levels of tattvas (ontological elements) under his control, he is also able to manipulate them. Thus he is no longer restricted by either psychological or physical nature. He can become invisible, omnipresent, fly through air, enter bodies, gain knowledge of previous lives.

For a modern reader however this does not provide a valid explanation. We do not the share the implicit code – a power discourse – which signifies this argument. For us, the understanding of the sub-atomic world, the fundamental physical laws of the universe, evolution, the nature of time does not imply that the scientist is able to transcend them. For us there is an ontological distinction between epistemology and knowledge on one side and physical reality on the other. Physical reality is what exists independent of thinking. Hence no matter how much we are able to change our thinking through meditation, this will not enable us to transcend or transform the fundamentals of physical reality. However, in some Indian philosophies – especially the mystic and idealist ones – this distinction is deliberately ignored: through special ways of mind processing a person becomes the underlying reality. This ontological transformation bestows super powers.

Modification: You may bring your forearm to your thigh or Yoga poses for weight loss legs just below your knee instead of taking your hand to the floor. You may also use Yoga poses for weight loss legs a yoga block if you have it handy, anything except placing your hand on your knee. There is enough stress on them when holding them straight you don’t want to add anything extra and risk injuring them Cat-Cow Stretch: Chakravakasan On all fours, with your hands shoulder width apart and knees about hip width apart, you will begin your posture. Dropping your head down, you will stretch your back out by curling over and slightly pushing your shoulders toward your hips. Hold for a moment, then lift your head up and arch your back, stretching it out the other way. This is a great stretch if you have back pain, and can help improve mobility in your spine. It will improve your posture and balance and increase your coordination. It can help create emotional balance as well as relieve stress and calm the mind.

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