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David Palmieri, Dr. Allan Cummings, and Norman Brettler Yoga poses weight loss pictures for their work and help with dynamic MRI studies; Mary Ann Dunkin of the Arthritis Foundation Yoga poses weight loss pictures for all her help; Jill Bialosky and Evan Carver for unfailing trust and continued editorial support; our students and patients for all they have taught us; and our families for their articulate silence and kind forebearance while we were not there. AUTHORS’ NOTE One of the chief differences between sciences and religions is that sciences cooperate with one another. Since all truth is necessarily consistent, no true statement can be a contradiction of any other. Therefore, Darwin used the work of geologists and biologists equally.

Watson and Crick depended on X-ray crystallography, and Newton had recourse to optics in his work on gravity. Religions, alas, do not have this unanimous acceptance of one another’s truth. A striking example may be the three Western monotheistic religions, which define one god as the creator of the universe and thus are in total agreement.

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