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There could not be more than one such creator, so Yoga poses for weight loss pinterest it follows that they all worship the very same being. Nevertheless, no one could mistake Yoga poses for weight loss pinterest the historical or current situation for the unanimity that this implies. Europe was in flames for hundreds of years in the name of the Prince of Peace. This day, explosions will likely murder or maim innocent people who believe the vast majority of what their attackers do.

We may ask after the basis of loyalty to a leader who revives hate based on small differences rather than use his or her life-force to lay bare our commonality. Without resorting to physical violence, yoga is in danger of slipping into the same sort of factionalism It is our intent in this book to merge together somewhat different traditions, yogic and scientific. Our goal is to find and to encourage other people to search for what is most helpful for our fellow beings, based on all peoples’ similarities as described by science. While there is certainly room for individual preference, there is nothing discretionary about the truth.

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