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Perform a second set if you wish. 40 INTERMEDIATE Seated Yoga poses yoga challenge Bicep Curls with Single Leg Lift Sit on top of the ball with your elbows at hip Yoga poses yoga challenge -level, holding the weights palm up with a loose grip. Engage your core muscles three-dimensionally to establish proper shoulder alignment. Lift one foot about six inches from floor with a relaxed thigh to target your oblique abdominals and deep core supporting muscles on each side. Curl your hands up to your shoulder and then lower them back down. Repeat 8 times. Lower your leg and lift the opposite leg. Repeat the curl 8 times.

In the Tantric tradition we therefore see intense worship of the guru, as he was seen as a representation of the god. The tradition would maintain that without the guidance and initiation of the guru one could never become perfected. The implication of this rhetoric, still found in India and among modern yogis, is a serious disciplining of the community. With this new guru power discourse a strong hierarchy of power was introduced in the local community. The religious leaders had become gods and made their community of adherents, students and worshippers deeply dependent on them.

It even strengthened the guru institution in relation to the king. Many kings took diksa -initiation – from the guru.288 This implies an enormous increase in the status of the guru -even the king depended on him. Accordingly the guru was soon entitled diksa-guru or raja-guru. The diksa-guru stood in the powerful position of controlling the transmission of divine grace (von Stietencrom 2001). This implied that the lineage of guru teachers became an important mark of identification and legitimisation (Clark 2004, Gengnagel 2001). A community would identify itself with the lineage of the guru as mentioned earlier.

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