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Pick up your weights and bend your elbows to bring the Yoga poses yoga journal weights alongside your chest. Press your arms up straight, palms facing each other. Inhale Yoga poses yoga journal as you open your arms out to the side with your palms facing upward. Initiate the movement with your shoulder blades to stabilize shoulder joint and keep your core strong, maintaining your hips and lower back in the same position throughout the exercise. You will feel a stretch in your chest muscles. Exhale as you close your arms directly above your chest with palms facing each other. Keep your elbows slightly bent and your wrists in line with your forearm throughout the movement. Do this 8 times.

As Saivite cults began to organise as monasteries around 800 AD, and as these monasteries received vast royal land grants with tenant farmers, the monastic leaders became very powerful indeed (Clark 2004). Around 1100 AD some had magnificent titles like pala or natha and powers equivalent to the most potent feudal vassal. So here the power of religion, politics and economy had merged. Was the guru a local landlord, a local warlord or a religious leader? We could ask the king, the feudal lord, and the vassal the same question as through the Tantric discourse they had all become melting pots of economy, politics and religion.

The Tantric Saivite guru and the sadhaka/ siddhi are examples of new competitors shaking up and redefining the cultural fields of holy men. A large part of the field of liberation was actually absorbed by the religious field configured by Tantra and Indian monotheism. Many Tantric semi-divine religious specialists did not claim their authority and symbolic capital from asceticism, meditation or Gnosis, but from ritual master-ship, lineage, initiation and divinity. We can see here an example of how Tantra changed the underlying codes, habitus and power discourses : it changed the conditions for how the specialists accumulated symbolic capital; it changed the categorisation of symbolic capital and how it was attained.

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