Yoga postures for quick weight loss

Since we have yet to see the first scientific comparison of Yoga postures for quick weight loss one style of yoga with another, it seems reasonable to assume that we choose a style Yoga postures for quick weight loss more or less the way we choose a religion: aesthetics, family, friends, personal preferences, the charisma of a given proponent. Therefore, it makes little sense to trumpet one’s own preference as better for you or the right one for arthritis or cancer, or depression, etc. until that has been shown to be true. Whatever else yoga may be, it is allied with the wisdom of men and women of old in every land Indian, Greek, Chinese, and Native American: to choose the rational course, however iconoclastic to the dominant mores of their own people.

It would be antithetical to the whole idea of yoga to close-mindedly contend that simply because we believe something, it is the closest we can come to the truth. We now have the means, with science, to determine what is good for what, and why. We can suffer the unfortunate fate of so many religions and maintain the supremacy of what we happen to believe, in spite of its being absolutely unsupported by a single empirical observation,2 or we can open our eyes and confirm or refute our current beliefs. It is amazing that the great monotheistic religions of the world, though they all believe in a single creator of the universe, fail to coexist and cooperate.

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