Yoga Postures To Cure DIGESTIVE Problems

I’m a scar I am David earth welcome to an angiogram yoga techniques for digestive problems paschimottan Asana this arson will make your body agile by giving a good flexibility to your leg muscles. And also your back muscles it also is of a balancing arson which will help you to train to coordinate your body.

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And mind to go in this arson have about three and a half to four fifth persons between the feet toes pointing straight hands on your waist then slowly turn the left feet on the left side right feet slightly inside. And then as you’re twisting the right-field can go slightly more in go the legs are straight pull the legs up then do the numbers car in the back and push the elbows behind shoulders back now take a deep breath in and exhaling you extend your upper body forward.

And down see that the legs are kept straight don’t bend the legs maintain as per your capacity you require a sense of balance through a concentration is much more in this awesome then when you feel like coming out after enjoying this wonderful stretch for the legs slowly come up with starting position again see that the legs are kept straight please the Namaskar untwist yourself take the feet back to the starting position. And come back to the starting position the same Arsene same thing has to be done on the other side also.

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