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After menopause, the risk of developing gout for women is Yoga postures for weight loss with pictures roughly that of men. Unless gout is treated, attacks can become more frequent and severe Yoga postures for weight loss with pictures and progress to affect more joints. For some people, fortunately, the proper diet low in purine-rich foods and alcohol, exercise, and weight loss are effective at treating or even preventing the disease. In a twelve-year study of 47,150 men, doctors found that higher levels of meat and seafood consumption are associated with an increased risk of gout, whereas a higher level of consumption of dairy products is associated with a decreased risk. A separate study of the same population showed that the risk of gout increased as body mass index increased. Men who lost ten pounds over the course of the twelve-year study cut their risk of gout almost in half, while those who gained thirty pounds since age twenty-one almost doubled their risk.

17 Treating Arthritis Advances in recent years have made it possible for people with many forms of arthritis to live longer, more productive, and less painful lives. A variety of analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs, available both over the counter and by prescription, help ease the pain of virtually any form of arthritis.

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