In Yoga Practice, Bear in Mind…

When doing an activity away from a class or when alone and not in a group, it can sometimes be easy to lose focus and to slip up and be sloppy in your execution. Here are just a few reminders that will help you get the most out of your private yoga sessions. Remember:

Keep in mind placement and body alignment. Consciously begin each pose and move slowly into each pose. Relax and go only as far as is comfortable in the poses. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

Don’t become frustrated if you can’t remember a pose; you can always consult a blog or ask your teacher.

Lengthen your stretch, but don’t bounce in or out of poses.

Breathe and remember to focus on your breath.

Turn your attention inward, but avoid tensing muscles, including facial muscles.

If you are in pain or if your body is tight, come out of a pose and trust your body. It’s not your body that pushes you to pain, it is your ego egging you past your endurance.

Practicing yoga at home should be enjoyable and relaxing. Don’t practice when you are sick.

If you use props, such as blankets or pillows, make sure you have them available so that you don’t spend your time looking for them.


If you really want to spice up a practice, you may want to try and combine a yoga retreat with your interests or travel. There are hundreds of possibilities; many can be found in Yoga Journal magazine. Here are just a few:

Eco-Resort and Retreat Rancho Encantado, Mexico (800) 505-MAYA

Mana Le’a Gardens, Hawaii (800) 233-6467 with Rodney Yee

Pathways of Personal Growth Mount Madonna Center, California (408) 847-0406

Feathered Pipe Ranch, Montana (406) 442-8196

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