Yoga Pranayama Breathing

Wrinkling the nose:

Wrinkle the nose like you smelt something unpleasant, like car exhaust fumes or stinking fish etc. The nose thereby crimps itself like an accordion.

Niels Krack says that there are mainly two types of movement in the nose: the swelling of the nostrils as a symbol of the most intensive emotion and the greatest exertion of force, and the wrinkling of the nose as a sign of aversion towards the adverse perception of smell or with the symbolic meaning of an unwilling disdain. (8)

Perceiving the cavities inside the nose:

By now your nose in well supplied with blood and has become sensitive. Whilst inhaling allow the air to flow in and perceive the inner spaces through which the inhaled air flows.

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Smelling whilst inhaling:

Inhale through the nose whilst perceiving the smell – imagine that you are inhaling the fragrance of a flower. With the inhalation allow this fine fragrance to infiltrate into your body and have its effect.

Smelling a fragrance:

Smell a fine perfume, a pleasant seasoning herb, the scent of an incense stick etc. Allow this fragrance to have an effect on your respiratory organs.

Allowing the air to flow past the root of the nose:

Inhale whilst perceiving smell and allow the inhaled air to flow past the upper part of your nose around the nose root where the olfactory cells are located. Whilst doing this perceive the consistency of the inhaled air.

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