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Namaskar I’m david at and welcome to one in the world pranayama crown is your breath or vital force and I arm has various meanings to control to pause to lengthen so prana is just controlled breathing and hotter party. Because it is written tilly wat a chillum system initially initially methane which means when your breath wanders your mind is unstable. And when you breath is steady your mind is calm this is the basic benefit of plan I’m apart from this problem gives you a lot of benefits it increases the oxygen level in your body it improves the functions of the organs the functions of your systems.

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And many many more benefits just practice it and feel the difference shittily prana a wonderful practice to reduce the body temperature to cool down the body to do this practice you’re sitting with cross leg position at the bug mass and arpan awesome pants on your knees back correct in this plan. And the inhalation happens to the mouth an exhalation happens to the news of course for the comeback in between. And you’re inhaling are taking the tongue out and forming a cube of your tongue that comes out of your mouth about a centimeter outside after complete annihilation you to the Coombe buck. And then exhale through nose so first close your eyes have the mula bandha the anise lock then take the tongue out have the pipe shape of the tongue such that the tongue is touching your lower lip as well as the upper lip.

And now slowly start inhaling through the mouth then take the tongue in have the jalandhar Wenda then the gude under the abdominal log the diaphragm lock and hold a spare capacity after completing the whole length you release the jalandhar mandir you’ll be on when they’re still on start exhaling through nose. So that the odeon window also starts getting released after complete exhalation your vein take that turn out start inhaling and take the tangle the rule when they still on you apply the jalandhar bender the union banda 20 nass for your capacity traditionally the ratio is one is 24 is to poop that is one inhalation or maintaining to exhalation release jalandhar banda not exhaling through nose judy. And when they get released. And then wait raise the mula bandha just feel the difference a wonderful practice especially during the summer season when the body temperature also becomes hot. Because of the outside temperature immediately cools down your body it also works wonderfully on your mind by calming down the mind wonderful effect on the people having acidity problem. And it also purifies your blood let’s try it out for a few days few weeks and feel the difference you.

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