Yoga quad stretch

We know that the inventors of colonial modernist yoga maintained that their yoga was authentic and genuinely old. However, a historio-sociological examination has shown that this claim does not hold. We are talking about new technologies – not ancient. Hence it is reasonable to assume that these technologies have different use-value – different utilities, different meanings. The new technologies are in other words in need of new justification.

Before a contemporary yoga student spends several hours a day for the rest of her life doing colonial modernist based yoga, she should first reflect over the truth of, for instance, Krishnamacharya’s assertion that his gymnastic technologies lead to yogic liberation. Hence we should ask with Baudrillard if the liberation sign linked to the physical practice is a simulation – a fake?

Stack your right knee on top of your left, with Yoga quad stretch the feet to the side. If your knees stay very high up, use more support Yoga quad stretch under your hips. Manually move the buttocks apart as much as possible. This will free your pelvis to bend forward. Inhale, lift through your spine, and tone the leg muscles. Isometrically pull your thighs apart without changing their alignment. The resistance of your crossed legs will bring a stretch to the outer thighs. For more intensity, lean forward and put your right hand just above your right knee and your left hand just above your left knee.

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