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This arrangement, coupled with the five less specialized cervical vertebrae Yoga quincy ma beneath the axis, permits quite an extraordinary range of motion to the head, enabling us Yoga quincy ma great versatility in directing our organs of sense and communications, especially our eyes, ears, tongue, and face. Figure 7. Healthy and arthritic lumbar spinal segments.

Figure 8. Comparative anatomy of spinal segments: facet orientation in five different segments of the spine. The neck is a busy place. Nerves, the main passages to the respiratory and digestive systems, and great veins and arteries must fit in with, and coexist with, the many muscles that run from the head to the ribs, collarbone, shoulder blades, and the spine, the scaffolding that is necessary to mobilize the head. Arthritis affects all the vertebrae in some ways, but in the cervical spine, where space is at such a premium, and movement so essential, the swelling that comes with arthritis can have major effects on breathing, swallowing, and circulation to the brain.

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