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If you tend toward a flat lumbar spine, this is Yoga religion what you need. Conversely, if you tend toward an excessively arched lumbar spine, the Yoga religion Pelvic Loop which lengthens the tailbone and the Kidney Loop which lifts the thoracic spine away from the lumbar spine will help to create length and space there.

Other general tips related to yoga for the lumbar spine are as follows: n forward bends, be sure to bend from your hips, not your waist, and bring the top of your sacrum forward. Of course, tightness in the hamstring muscles makes this challenging. n twists, stabilize the pelvis in good alignment before twisting.

Back bends, stabilize the tailbone and lift the middle and upper back away from the pelvis, to prevent all the movement from occurring only in the lumbar spine. This will coordinate the parts of the spine and distribute the stress of the movement. n any given yoga practice, do all types of movements: bend forward, bend backward, bend to each side, and twist.

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