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Namaskar I’m David and welcome to Onondaga yoga for old age this course especially designed for old age people who have not done exercising before or any yoga BC it is designed keeping in mind the limitations of this age as well as the need of this age let’s try it and feel the difference Tolleson this arson will help you to stretch the ball body it’s good for your ankles for your knees for the legs for the back and for the hands go in this arson there are two ways either with the support of the wall or without the support traditionally instead without the support and for specially for this course I’m taking the support of the wall. So you are standing in such a way that the back is resting against the wall touching the wall some distance in your feet now take the hands up from the front.

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And let them go about the head and let them again take the support of the wall let them rest against the wall once you take the hands up and slowly go up from the heels. And you’re going on the toes the support will help you to balance yes you are stretching the hands upward by doing that the back is getting the stretch the spine is getting a stretch by going from the heels up your legs are getting the stretch the ankles are getting stronger the knees are getting stronger, if you feel you close the eyes, if you feel you’re not confident to close the eyes you keep the eyes open. And just fix the gaze on one point keep the breathing normal. Because of the stretch of the hands the lungs are also getting expandable so your breathing capacity also improves then when you feel like coming out open your eyes first rest the heels on the ground and very slowly drop the hands down this arson instantly energizes your whole body. Because of the stretch that it gives to each and every part of the body after a few days of practice with the support of the wall, if you’re confident then you can try it without the support for it you also learn to balance.

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