Yoga To Cure Cervical Spondylosis

I’m a scarf I’m David and welcome to an annual yoga for cervical spondylosis cervical spondylosis is caused. Because of degeneration in the cervical spine the symptoms are pain in the neck abnormal sensations or numbness in folders. And your arms. And also stiffness in the neck this set of yoga Asanas will help you to reduce the pain in the neck it will also help you strengthen the neck muscles.

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And stop the growth of cervical spondylosis Google for cervical spondylitis neck exercise one this exercise will help you to improve the flexibility of your neck muscles. And also will help you to strengthen them it’s a basic exercise can be done anytime throughout the day. So In this you stand or sit at the back correct keep the face still chin up. And now slowly start moving your face on your right side as much as possible you can close your eyes after you reach the right side just have to three normal deep breathing.

And then again open your eyes come back to the center and go on the other side see that you’re not dropping the chin down close your eyes again normal breathing feel the stretch on the neck open your eyes come back to the center. And then go up take the face off don’t allow the head to just drop down. But control the movement close your eyes and maintain and again open your eyes. And come back the starting position you can repeat this for one or two times more for cervical spondylitis patients it’s not recommended to drop the head down so only the three sides.

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