Yoga To Reduce Office Stress

Namaskar and maybe that and welcome to on and over cooperate yoga corporate yoga is specially designed for those people who really can’t find time to do any form of exercising this is also known as chair yoga as it is done sitting on your office chair this are simple practices which will help you to reduce the stress. And the effect of the stress that you experience in your corporate world on your body we just require 10 to 15 minutes of your time in office and feel the difference in the energy levels. And the fitness of your body so hum they are a wonderful practice to immediately calm down your mind.

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And relax your body to weigh in this practice you’re just sitting normal without the backrest you can have the Donna mudra, if you want keep it on your legs close your eyes in this practice each time when you inhale mentally you are saying so chanting so and each time you exhale you’re chanting hum the meaning of so hum is I am that your breath is constantly telling you that you are something different than this physical body so close the eyes initially I am chanting it for you. And then you take on doing it in your mind so start when you inhale you are doing the soul start with the inhalation so so then you carry on as she is breathing in and breathing out she is chanting so and Hum mentally I just keep on doing it get one that is chanting one with the speeding let the breathing be very deep using your full lung capacity and last time you inhale and end the chanting with the exhalation. And now just be aware how does it feel in your body in your mind you can immediately feel the relaxation in your eyes in your face in your head just be aware of it it relaxes the effects of the stress in different parts of the body especially the heart the brain the face let’s try it out doing for 10-15 counts. And then feel the difference and to come out fill up the palms give the heat the energy to your eyes your face dropping the hands down slowly open your eyes. And just experience the difference.

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