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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to Anand / yoga with props yoga props includes any object which will help you to stretch to balance to increase the maintaining capacity and to improve the overall awesome yoga props include chairs bricks blankets mats wall support table support and many more you can form your own course from the set of the arsons that I’m showing you suit the. But the Gunnison it’s very relaxing arson and helps you to calm down your mind in this post you will be learning it how to do it with the props. So I kept the bolster touching your back the legs are in front slowly bring them closer to each other.

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And then bend both the legs in such a way that the feet touches each other the soles. And the heels come closer to your body towards your groin then you keeping the bricks such that you don’t feel much pressure on the legs much stretch on the legs then slowly take the hands behind and start going down and rest on the bolster, if your head feel uncomfortable. Because of its going down you can keep one blanket under your head. And just rest your head on it relax your hands slightly taking them away from the body palms facing the sky now close your eyes. And just enjoy this wonderful relaxing awesome in this your chest is expanded your heart is helped to relax. Because of this expansion can just go through your body .

And start relaxing it it is very important for high blood pressure patient that they relax their body they do the such type of relaxing options. So In high BP cause most of the awesomes will be very relaxing just enjoy this awesome you can concentrate on your body parts just feel them relaxing you can concentrate on the breathing coming in going on whatever makes you feel relaxed just do that in this awesome and take good time in the sarsen you can do it for 2 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes whatever is comforted for you. And then when you feel like coming out you first open your eyes take the hands closer and slowly start sitting up with the support of the hands then take the hands forward and start releasing the legs. And just relax and feel this wonderful calmness of the body. And the mind you.

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