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Around 1920 yoga experienced a Renaissance in India coinciding with the rise of an institutionalised Hindu movement like RSS (a paramilitary organisation founded in 1925) and Hindu Mahasabha (a Hindu nationalistic party founded in 1915). The whole previous century had prepared the ground for this yoga Renaissance, according to J. Alter (who teaches anthropology in the USA) in Yoga in Modern India (2004), There emerged a desire among town elites to build up the national Hindu character. The build up of this character was set in motion through modern institutions of schools, hospitals and sports. The Western gymnastic movement was adopted in India: military gymnastic discipline creates, as we all know, character’!

It was within this context that old techniques like asana and pranayama were dusted off and became an Indian alternative to Western gymnastics. The process – see Singleton (2010) -had already commenced around 1900 when Western bodybuilding in particular was picked up by Indian urban middle classes. But with the rise and dominance of Hindu nationalism, the whole project took on more urgency. The conditions were now right to invite hatha-yoga into the light – but still leaving the actual and detested jogi out in the cold. It was now argued that hatha-yoga – earlier frowned upon – could with its body disciplines deliver a Hindu character.

Side bending strengthens the lumbar muscles, while stretching the hip Yoga union capsule. With the arm and leg extended away from each other, one side of the Yoga union lumbar spine gets a good stretch. One hip is opened, the other revolved, and coordination of the hips and lumbar spine is improved. Purpose: To revolve the entire spine and enhance range of motion. Contraindications: Herniated nucleus pulposus, scoliosis, Hill-Sachs deformity, repeated shoulder subluxation. Props: A yoga mat and a blanket under the knees. Avoiding pitfalls: Keep the hips square to the front and use your breath. Come onto your hands and knees, with a blanket placed under your knees.

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