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Rise to the challenge! Purpose: To stretch the thoracic Yoga villageand the lumbar spine and the hamstrings. Contraindications: Imbalance, retrolisthesis, hamstring tear, Yoga villagherniated nucleus pulposus, vasovagal episodes. Props: A yoga mat Yoga village, one or two blocks if your legs are stiff. Avoiding pitfalls: Keep your legs Yoga villageworking, whether they are bent or straight. Avoid letting the knees fall in toward the midline. Let your head release. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Stretch your toes and lift them up, which activates the whole lower leg.

This twist is dedicated to Bharadvaja, a hero from the Yoga zone youtube Mahabharata. Purpose: To improve a critical range of motion in the spine and stretch the Yoga zone youtube outer parts of the hips as well, one at a time. Contraindications: Absolute: pregnancy. Relative: herniated nucleus pulposus, total hip replacement, colostomy. Props: A yoga mat and a folded blanket. Avoiding pitfalls: Use enough support under your hips to orient your pelvis vertically without tipping back and place both knees on the floor. Sit next to the blanket with your legs folded under you. Move your hips to the right, settling your right hip onto the corner of a folded blanket.

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