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He himself, oh descendant of Bharata, as well as his mind and five senses, comes to rest when he has reached the first course of meditation by the incessant practice of yoga. That bliss of him whose self is thus controlled, will not be attained by means of any kind of human effort or fate. Endowed with that bliss he will delight in the activity of meditation. In this way the yogins attain to that nirvana which is free from disease. (MBh. 12. 188.20-22)

Not only the influence of Buddhist meditation can be observed, but there are also clear examples of yoga meditation perceived as ascetic mortification meditation. This is clearly the proto-yoga of the Jains. The following extract gives a detailed description of the process of mortification:

Stretch side to side as well as head to tail. Yoga for weight lossInhale and come back up, with your arms still outstretched. Repeat on the other side Yoga for weight loss. You can stand in Tadasana before repeating the pose on the other side if you wish. This pose builds stamina and focus, as well as stretching the hips and legs. Purpose: To stretch the adductors, hamstring muscles, gluteus maximus, and spine, and invert the upper body. This wide-open standing pose helps to develop stamina and self-assurance. Contraindications: Imbalance, ankle sprain.

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