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Is the use-value a simulation?

There is from the beginning within colonial popular yoga discourse an inbuilt tension between the alleged ancient purposes of liberation on one side (the ultimate use-value which also simultaneously was symbolic in character). On the other side we find self-identity-build-up and social-political agendas defined by the colonial situation (the symbolic-value, the power discourse).

Sceptics could start to wonder whether this strong presence of anti-colonial politics embedded in colonial yoga hijacked this yoga discourse to such a degree that the guru’s rhetoric and promises of samadhi and Kundalini actually turned into ideological signs without any content? In other words: the signified mystical experience’ (the ultimate use-value) is under suspicion of being symbolic empty.

Contraindications: Herniated nucleus pulposus, facet syndrome. Props: Yoga wheel A yoga mat, a blanket placed under the knee and heel, and a chair. Yoga wheel Avoiding pitfalls: Stretch upward before bending to the side. If you have lumbar or thoracolumbar scoliosis, lean only to the convex side. Spread a blanket on the mat and place a chair at one end. Kneel with the chair off to the right. Point your feet straight back behind you. Extend your right leg diagonally to the side, with the heel down and toes up.

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