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By just listing some few titles we get a feeling of the difference: R. Faure: The Rhetoric of Immediacy: A Cultural Critique of Chan/Zen (1991), R.H. Scharf: Buddhist Modernism and the Rhetoric of Meditative Experience (Numen 42 – 1995), G. Schopen: Buddhist Monks and Business Matters (2004), D. Ryukan Williams: The Other Side of Zen: A Social History of Soto Zen Buddhism in Tokugawa Japan (2005), D. McMahan: The Making of Buddhist Modernism (2008), G. Bailey & I. Mabbett (2001): The Sociology of Early Buddhism (2001), R. Gombrich: Theravada Buddhism: A Social History from Ancient Benares to Modern Colombo (1988), R. Gombrich and G. Obeyesekere: Buddhism Transformed (1988), J.R McRae: Seeing through Zen (2003), R. DeCaroli: Haunting Buddha: Indian Popular Religions and the Formation of Buddhism (2004).

The yoga student will find very few titles where the yoga notion is seen in such a context. It is left to us to wonder why there is such a significant difference.

Take note of instructions and pictures for prop use. If Yoga yoga westlake difficulties ensue, consult a teacher. Set up the block and the bolster lengthwise on a Yoga yoga westlakemat, with a blanket placed beneath them for padding. Have Yoga yoga westlake another blanket or two ready. Sit on the block with your feet folded to the outsides Yoga yoga westlake of your hips, and knees straight forward. If your knees are uncomfortable, add one folded blanket under your hips and washcloths at the back of the knees. If you need less support, remove the block or use a folded blanket under your hips. Adjust the leg muscles with your hands: buttocks wider, thighs turned in, and calf muscles away from the knees.

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