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Popular yoga as folk religion

The chapter on western modernist yoga traced the diffusion of the yoga bug through the social body of modernity. It started among the cultural elites and ended among the masses of women of the emerging middle classes. With caution we could describe this as a process where an ‘elite religion’ gave rise to a popular religion’. As the yoga bug spread we also saw how it became shaped and re-contextualised by the various sign fields of modernity. Elite yoga of year 1900 is not the same as popular yoga of year 2000. Throughout history yoga was an elite discourse. But with the advent of modernity we see yoga increasingly as a popular discourse conducted in different social strata.

Anthropologists often apply the distinction between elite’ and folk’ religions. So following the anthropologists we could replace the word popular’ with folk’. Let us now finally visualise modernist popular yoga’ in the perspective of a folk religion’. What is special about a folk or popular religion as opposed to an elite religion?

Contraindications: Absolute: pregnancy. Relative: total hip replacement Yoga zen garage , colostomy, herniated disc, vertebral fracture. Props: A yoga mat and a blanket Yoga zen garage . Avoiding pitfalls: Lengthen the spine upward to free it and the rib cage for rotation. Root down through the pelvic bones. Use your abdominal muscles to help you twist. Sit on the edge of a folded blanket. Fold your left leg so that the knee faces straight forward, and the foot rests outside your right hip.

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