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It is however important to acknowledge that such often painstaking research, translating, clarifying and historical dating of ancient texts, is outstanding and admirable. The problem and limitation with such research is that it stops where the next level of analysis is supposed to commence. Too often such work will only in a minimal way involve social processes, conflicts and structures of society in order to explain religious behaviour and ideas. In such research, sociology ends up as background staging with no decisive impact on the content displayed on the stage itself.

Avoiding pitfalls: Use enough lift under your hips to prevent Yoga zen music knee pain in the bent leg. Sit on the edge of a blanket folded to the Yoga zen music width of your hips. Fold your right foot back beside your right hip, toes going straight back with your ankle near your thigh. Extend your toes, especially the fourth and fifth ones, on both feet. If your right ankle is stiff, put a folded washcloth under the ankle. Manually pull your sitting bones and buttocks back and apart. If you are leaning to the left, place another blanket under your left hip. This will lower your right hip relative to it.

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