You Can Heal Your Life

In tribute to Louise Hay, spiritual teacher and founder of mind body spirit publishers Hay House, who died in August, reader Alison Christie shares why Louise’s book You Can Heal Your Life has a special place in hers. ‘In the early 1990s I had regular reflexology and acupuncture sessions, and my reflexologist said: “Read Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life and you’ll realise how much control you have over your health.”

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‘I bought the book, and as I began to read it I felt empowered by its message – that you can improve your health, wellbeing and quality of life with the power of your mind and positive thinking. ‘Around this time, my sister had growths in both eyes, which were seriously affecting her vision. The surgeons were able to remove one, but said there was nothing they could do about the other.

A doctor told my sister, “The brain sometimes finds a way to fix the body,” and when she told me this I said: “Yes! That’s basically what Louise Hay is saying – I’m reading her book and it’s all about how you can heal your body with your mind.” ‘My sister said: “Right – that’s it. I’m going to tell this growth to go away.” And here’s the amazing thing… she did, and the growth did go. I had seen evidence of Louise’s belief, and I still carry that belief with me. ‘Whenever I’m feeling under the weather, or a bit low emotionally, I think of Louise and say to myself: “You are well.” I always feel better.’

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