What You’ll Need to Yoga Practice away from Class

Foremost, you will need a quiet place to practice. Unplug the phone or mute your answering machine. Put your beepers to sleep. Turn off the television, radio, and computer. If you can’t find a quiet corner in the house but you have a garden, you may want to practice outside. Some people go to a park or public garden.

If you have a family or little ones, find a time when you will not be disturbed. You may have to get up forty-five minutes earlier, wait until the family is asleep, or steal time in the afternoon to practice.

Set a precise time to practice and try to practice at the same time every day. This helps you stick to your daily practice even when you don’t feel like your morning, try the three-part breathing practice while driving your car or on the bus or train.

You might consider incorporating some simple stretching postures into your day, or you may start the day with a few asana and end the day with a deep relaxation. Be flexible. Yoga is not a militant practice.

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