3 Best Pilates Essentials

1 . OPTP Stretch Out Strap Pilates Essentials Package Use occupational therapist and Pilates teacher Angela Kneale’s loopy strap and 40-plus exercises to boost strength and stability while taming any tightness ($20.95; optp.com).

2 . YEVO Labs Yevo 1 These wireless headphones have all the bells and whistles and then some—think pro-grade acoustics, optional noise cancellation and up to 20 hours of battery life ($249; yevolabs.com).

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3. Corpore Wear Posture Enhancing Undershirt With versions for both men and women, this shell features two active compression zones to provide tactile cues when your posture starts to sag ($44.95; corporewear.us).


1 . Go Dash Dot Infinity Bag Bag lady, be gone, thanks to this mesh carryall with separate compartments for your laptop, lunch, laundry, mat and more ($198; godashdot.com).

2 . PhysicalMind Lean™ Holster and Minis™ Create space in your spine, increase circulation and promote proper shoulder mechanics at your desk with this warming neoprene holster that secures a set of wedged platforms to any chair ($40; physicalmindinstitute.com).

3. WAGs Flex The sleekest model in the Wrist Assured Gloves line, these gel-padded gloves provide light wrist and thumb support for Planks and more ($29.99; wristassuredgloves.com).

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