Aero Pilates Machine Exercises

Aero Pilates Machine Exercises

Eating properly is a 24-hour-a-day business because losing or maintaining weight is actually harder than overcoming alcoholism. Once alcoholics take that first drink, they are lost but they can refrain from taking that drink in the first place. With food addicts, however, there is no option to give up eating. To overcome food addiction, one must learn to limit, not stop, one’s consumption. Your metabolic rate dictates how much food you need in order to maintain, lose, or gain weight. If you eat a single excess apple a day you will gain fifteen pounds of fat in a year.

Most people have trigger foods, which they cannot resist, not only because of taste, but also because of emotional and cultural conditioning. Germans cannot resist their sausages. Italians cannot resist pasta. Mexicans cannot resist deep- fried carnitas. At one time, Jerzy could not resist piroshkes, which he associated with his beloved mother. Whenever he visited Poland, she would have them waiting, hot and steaming on the table when he walked in. Jerzy would put away plate after plate until his stomach bloated. Then he would conceal his cramps and shortness of breath as his mama stood by, happy and proud.

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Trigger foods include french fries, potato chips, nuts, donuts, cookies, candies, fruits, and hundreds of others that you may associate with pleasure. Whatever your food triggers are, you must avoid them totally, like an alcoholic. How you motivate yourself to do this varies from one person to another. Whatever your motivation, it has to be stronger than the temptations of your trigger foods. Otherwise, you will never succeed at losing weight. To lose weight, you must change your whole lifestyle.

The first step is to identify what is most important to you in life. When we asked our clients this question, everyone had a different answer.

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