Ajna Chakra Yoga Poses

Ajna Chakra Yoga Poses

The methods I outline here will help you raise that energy within. In Hinduism it is referred to as “Raising the Kundalini Princess”.

It is another way of saying or meeting that Inner Nature we all have. In this case we will refer to the energy as our Soul.

We have always been in contact with the Soul, and yet we have been advised to avoid it through our education. It has been given many names, such as Ego, Super Ego, the Devil. Different religions will have different names for it. As a Catholic, I was taught that we had a Devil on one shoulder and an Angel on the other. But we were never instructed to pay attention to ourselves and our feelings.

The Soul is in constant communication with us throughout the day, and the Chakras are a major source of communication within our body.

The Chakras are a Hindu concept which follows the guidelines of other Eastern thoughts on energy centers within the body. I have written about this extensively in my blog Disillusionment of Spirituality. I am not an expert on the points, and it is easy to find many blogs relating to the energy centers, but I am quite aware of the use and opening of them in a manner that helps us to raise the energy or Soul within.

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