Best Yoga Poses For Athletes

Best Yoga Poses For Athletes


TIME: 30 to 45 minutes QUALITY: Balancing

This practice is a more uplifting afternoon one to refuel and get you through the rest of your day.

1 Cleansing Breath Pose

2 Tibetan Sun Salutation Pose

3 Stoke the Fire Pose

4 Mountain Pose

5 Powerful Pose Pose

6 Standing Forward Bend Pose

7 Crescent Moon Pose, right side

Basic Vinyasa

8 Downward-Facing Dog Pose

9 Plank Pose

10 Knees, Chest, Chin Pose

11 Baby Cobra Pose, 2 breaths

12 Downward-Facing Dog

13 Crescent Moon, left side

14 Downward-Facing Dog

15 Warrior I Pose

16 Humble Warrior Pose

17 Repeat Basic Vinyasa

18 Warrior I – Humble Warrior, left, side

Cleansing Vinyasa (right side)

19 Pyramid Pose Pose

20 Revolved Triangle Pose

21 Standing Split Pose

22 Seated Spinal Twist Pose

23 Repeat Cleansing Vinyasa, left side

24 Dancer’s Pose Pose

25 Boat Pose

26 Dolphin Pose

27 Forearm Stand Pose

28 Hero’s Pose Pose

29 Locust Pose

30 Bow Pose

31 Half Wheel Pose

32 Supine Twist Pose

33 Supine One-Leg Stretch Pose

34 Full Forward Bend Pose

35 Cultivating Compassion Meditation Pose

36 Legs Up the Wall Pose

37 Deep Relaxation Pose

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