Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain


TIME: 60 to 75 minutes QUALITY: Energizing

Take about an hour to indulge in a deep, heating, purifying, and energizing practice to transform your day with twists and inversions. Great in the winter or when you need extra energy, or any time to feel like you could change the world!

1 Cultivating Courage Meditation Pose

2 Bellows Breath Pose

3 Cleansing Circles and Twists Pose

4 Stoke the Fire Pose

5 Mountain Pose

6 Full Sun Salutation Pose

7 Powerful Pose Pose

8 Standing Forward Bend Pose

Basic Vinyasa

9 Plank Pose

10 Yogi’s Push-Up Pose

11 Baby Cobra Pose

12 Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain Photo Gallery

Eagle Vinyasa (right side)

13 Warrior I Pose

14 Warrior II Pose

15 Standing One-Leg Balance Pose

16 Eagle Pose Pose

17 Repeat Eagle Vinyasa, left side

Rotated Vinyasa (right side)

18 High Lunge Pose

19 Revolved Extended Angle Pose

20 Revolved Half Moon Pose

21 Standing Forward Bend

22 Seated Spinal Twist Pose

23 Repeat Rotated Vinyasa, left side

24 Boat Pose

25 Crow Pose

26 L-Shaped Handstand Pose or Handstand Pose

27 Locust Pose

28 Bow Pose

29 Half Wheel Pose

30 Full Wheel Pose

31 Supine Twist Pose

32 Happy Baby Pos

33 Resting Pigeon Pose

34 One-Leg Side Stretch Pose

35 Plow Pose

36 Shoulder Stand Pose

37 Deep Relaxation Pose

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