Bow Yoga Pose

Bow Yoga Pose


Begin the same way, but interlace your hands behind your back to stretch wide across your chest. Bring your shoulder blades together and draw your hands toward your feet.

Begin and end the same way, but extend your arms forward while in the Yoga Pose to stretch the sides o: the body and strengthen your upper back.


Similar to Locust Yoga Pose Pose, Bow Yoga Pose is a bit more advanced, requiring openness in the front of the body to reach all the way back for your ankles. An intense backbend, this Yoga Pose feels like drawing back an arrow into a bow before shooting, and calls for a lot of mental focus and effort. Like all backbends, it strengthens the entire back body while stretching the whole front body. It ’s also thought to relieve menstrual discomfort and respiratory difficulties. Plus, it improves your moodI

QUALITY Energizing EFFECT Flexibility, stability, strength, PROPS Blanket GAZE Forward and

1 Begin by lying facedown on your mat, placing a blanket under your hip bones if they’re sensitive.

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Place your arms down by your sides and your forehead down on the ground with your chin toward your chest. Draw your pubic bone up to your navel and your tailbone down toward your feet to lengthen and protect your lower back.

2 Bend your knees, bringing your heels up and back toward your buttocks. Reach back with your han for your ankles, rolling your upper arms out and keeping your knees hip-distance apart.

3 Flex your feet and press your ankles into your hands, using your legs to lift your chest off the groun

4 Shift your weight onto your belly and lift your thighs, lifting your legs and chest higher up as you press down into your belly and draw your tailbone down.

5 The breath will be a bit labored, but do your best to not hold your breath here. Stay for 5 breaths, inhaling to rise a little more and exhaling to release for 5 breaths. Rest before rising up one or two more times.

6 Come out of the Yoga Pose by sliding your hands back alongside your rib cage and pressing your hips toward your heels into Child’s Yoga Pose Pose.

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