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Nature is the intrinsic attraction, with clean air, crystal-clear mountain spring water and unobstructed views of the stunning countryside, while the surrounding meadows and forests provide energy

Das Kranzbach is an English-style palace from 1915. The original manor house was built by a young British aristocrat, who commissioned a decidedly English country retreat; to this day, it’s one of Bavaria’s most distinctive architectural anomalies. Detmar Blow and Ferdinand Billerey, two well-known English architects who felt inspired by the English ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement, provided the drawings for the Kranzbach manor, and it remains the only building of this kind in Germany

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When choosing where to stay at Das Kranzbach, guests have a number of accommodation options. The Mary Portman House is individually designed with its own furnishings and bumblebee wallpaper, while rooms in the Garden Wing are spacious and luxurious with wood panelling and glass fronted bathrooms and private balcony with breathtaking Alpine views, and all rooms offer Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. For a more lavish experience, guests can also stay in the English Gatehouse – a stylishly renovated house which has two double rooms with en-suite, a living room and kitchen, and is connected to the hotel and spa via an underground stairwell.

Their highly qualified yoga instructors offer a distinctive style which suits all ages and levels of ability and they teach in small groups or if you prefer, on a one-to-one basis. mm

The food including breakfast, lunch buffet and an organic, five-course evening dinner menu are served in its elegant restaurant. The chef at Kranzbach along with his team create elaborate set menus from a variety of local, savoury products and organically grown foods and which are skilfully perfected with fresh herbs from their own garden. The hotel’s large garden also offers stunning views of the Wetterstein Mountains and the Zug-spitze Mountain, and the surrounding areas are ideal for more vigorous pursuits such as hiking, Nordic walking, cycling and cross-country skiing.

Their award-winning spa features several saunas and a gym, yoga studios and a wide range of excellent beauty and facial treatments and therapies including Light, Colour and Sound Therapy, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Manual Lymph Drainage and a variety of massages including Deep Relaxation, Hot Stone Massage and a Sports Massage that takes place in an infra-red cabin! Their premier approach to health and wellness at Kranzbach is supported by three pillars: detoxification of the body, movement in nature, and light, healthy nutrition.

The Spa-house expansion has created a new Yo-ga-Studio that provides a unique place for retreat and recuperation. The highlight, the new yoga room, provides extensive space and freedom, while the roofed terrace and rooftop yoga platform offers a very special place to practice, and in delightful weather with stunning surroundings, yoga in the fresh air is a very rewarding activity. Their highly qualified yoga instructors offer a distinctive style which suits all ages and levels of ability, and they teach in small groups or if you prefer, on a one-to-one basis. In accordance to the inspired Hatha Yoga instruction, they also offer meditation and relaxation techniques for improved clarity, composure and attentiveness. Das Kranzbach also provides a number of other disciplines including Qi Gong, Pilates and Aqua Fit sessions.

At Das Kranzbach, wellness is a concept that’s taken more seriously than other resorts, spas and hotels, and it seems virtually impossible that one should manage to leave without feeling the difference.

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