Deep Water Exercises

Deep Water Exercises


Listen to the sounds of water: the whoosh of ocean tides, the tinkle of fountains, and the steady musical drip of gentle rain. Feel the liquid against your skin: smooth and silky or pounding and prickly, enveloping you in a womb of buoyancy. See how water sparkles in sunlight, how a rushing creek foams and curls against the stones, how a deep lake looks still and bottomless. Smell the ocean-salt tang, the brine of old rivers, and the fresh scent of waterfalls.

To celebrate water is to take pleasure in and honor its sounds and smells and textures and faces. Sift through your water memories: What stands out? Do you remember the first time you went into the ocean, bobbing joyfully and merging more and more with each wave? Perhaps someone gave you a dipperful of cold well water on a summer day. Did you revel in taking a long shower after walking several hours on a dusty trail? Have you watched a breathtaking waterfall as it cascaded down a cliff? What messages did you receive from your experiences with water? As you relive those memories with gratitude and appreciation, in the quiet of your room or in your own heart space, you’re celebrating the sacred gift of water.

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Anytime you want to experience the energy of that blessing, close your eyes. Picture that shimmering lake or those crashing ocean waves. Let their sounds and textures come alive for you. Soon you’ll be floating in harmony with the universe.

Let sacred water be your guide and teacher to help you flow through life with the ease of a river, with the strength of a waterfall, and with the abundance of an ocean.

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