Discover Your Hidden Chakras

Connecting with these ‘secret’ energy centres will take your spiritual journey to a whole new level

You’re probably pretty familiar with the chakras, the seven points on our bodies through which life force or ‘chi’, energy flows. They’re the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown chakras. But you may be surprised to learn there are a further FIVE chakras which reside within our aura, referred to as the ‘hidden’ or ‘higher’ chakras. ‘Whereas the seven most known chakras are largely concerned with your physical body and the present, the “hidden” five are more about your spirituality,’ explains chakra healer Sonya Robertson. ‘By learning to activate the energy of these chakras you will elevate your spiritual journey and enhance your connection with your Higher Self.’ Here’s how to find those secret chakras, and bring their energy to life.

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Earth Chakra (Brown)

This hidden chakra is found about 1ft below the soles of your feet and relates to the emotional and mental traits we carry with us, which are often inherited from our ancestors or past lives. It helps ground us in preparation for spiritual practice such as investigating previous incarnations. Activate This Chakra by walking barefoot on grass, sand or soil, while imagining yourself breathing in the powerful healing energy of the earth. Hold an aragonite crystal as you do this to enhance the efect (the stone has a strong connection with the earth).

Lunar Chakra (Silver)

Sitting 6 to 12 inches behind the head, this hidden chakra helps us shed negative behaviours and beliefs which can hold us back. It also strengthens our connection with spirit guides, guardian angels and our sixth sense. activatE this chakra by firing up inner spiritual energy known as kundalini. Picture kundalini as a spiral of power working its way up through your body from the soles of your feet. See it energising each of the main seven chakras and when it reaches your brow, see it exploding into your lunar chakra at the back of your head. To ‘close down’, visualise the kundalini moving back down your body, imagine a door shutting as it reaches each chakra. When you do this exercise, hold an ammonite in each hand, as its shape mirrors the spiral shape of kundalini and enhances its force.

Solar Chakra (Gold)

This hidden chakra rests about 7 inches above the crown chakra, and connects us with the masculine energy of the sun, helping us step into our power and connect with our destiny, as well as see and pursue our life and soul purpose.

Activate This Chakra by meditating on The Flower of Life, a sacred geometry symbol, known as the ‘blueprint’ of the Universe, and believed to have brought all existence to life. As you focus on the symbol, ask ‘please reveal my soul path.’ Hold a piece of astrophylite crystal as you do so which is good for helping you discover your destiny.

Galactic Chakra (Platinum)

The Galactic chakra lies just above the solar chakra, and is our doorway to the Akashic records – a record kept in an ‘etheric library’ of everything that was, is and will be in the earthly realm. By connecting with your own Akashic record you will receive information from past and future lives that will help you better understand the path you are on. Activate This Chakra by meditating on an image of the Merkaba Star, the sacred geometry symbol said to be used by the enlightened beings who help us connect with our higher selves. If you prefer, you can meditate using a merkaba star crystal.

Universal Chakra (White Light)

This hidden chakra rests just above the Galactic chakra and helps us communicate and connect with the Divine, helping us to hold universal love in our hearts, and emanate it out into the Universe. Activate This Chakra by visualising a stream of white light pouring down through your body, entering every cell, before it shines out and around you, connecting you with the cosmos. Hold a piece of clear quartz while you do this visualisation as this high vibration crystal contains pure white light.

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