Exercise And Pregnancy

Exercise And Pregnancy


The many seeming paradoxes contained within the teaching concerning colour and number can be somewhat resolved by the attempt to determine which entities are being discussed and what the relative relationship is between them.

For example, when talking about ‘the three’, confining the discussion to the manifestation of a human being illustrated in this particular chart, the following possibilities are evident:

• The three aspects of the monad.

• The three aspects of monad, soul and personality.

• The three aspects of the triad.

• The three aspects of the personality.

This example illustrates what I call the Law of Relative Identity which states that you can only interpret the colour or number or function of an entity when you understand the relationship of that entity to those around it and containing it. The lower aspect of the Fifth Ray would like to have everything tidily in boxes behaving predictably; rays assigned to chakras to planes to planets in one coherent and repeatable system. The many paradoxes in the presentation of the teaching are most frustrating to those held in the concrete mind. The higher aspect of the Fifth Ray understands that all depends upon ‘relationship’, and that paradoxes merely indicate that a level of relationship has yet to be grasped in context.

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