In case you didn’t get thememo, your favouritecelebrities are taking overthe workout world! Frominfluencer-styled gym gearto celeb-backed workoutsand body-con plans,they’re fully embracing afit and healthy lifestyle.Anything the A-list swearby is worth trying! Hereare our top picks.Credit card ready?


As part of the 2018 Always Training campaign, Reebok has joined forces with Madein Chelsea star Binky Felstead to raise awareness of the importance of integratingfitness into daily life. ‘Training plays an important role in both my mental andphysical wellbeing, so it’s important that, no matter how busy I get, I always try todo some form of exercise,’ says Felstead. The results are impressive. Showcasingher post-baby body, Felstead can be seen modelling the new Spring/Summer ’18collection – and it turns out the TV personality already has a few key favouriteitems. ‘I often don’t have time to change after the gym before picking up India(Felstead’s daughter), so I always keep the Reebok packable jacket in my bag– it doesn’t crease, so it’s perfect for throwing on post-workout. The monochromepalette is also super-flattering, giving me that extra boost of confidence in andout of the gym.’ Well, we’re sold. View the new Reebok Women collection onlineat

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She might be best known for hersupermodel skills, but Karlie Kloss isalso an everyday athlete. The 25-year-old recently ran the New York marathonand is rumoured to clock an impressivefive to seven hours of exercise eachweek, being regularly papped leavingUS exercise boltholes such as modelFIT( and Dogpound( No surprisesthen that Kloss is also the front womanfor sportswear giant Adidas’ latestperformance line: Alphaskin. Thehigh-performance base layers have beendesigned to wrap around the body insuch a way that skin-to-clothing frictionis eliminated during athletic movements.This means that fitness fans can enjoyall the muscle support benefits ofcompression wear without worryingabout mid-exercise chafing – somethingwe bet is important to Kloss on longruns and during high-intensity sweatsessions! There are three ranges tochoose from – Alphaskin 360,Alphaskin Tech and Alphaskin Sport– all available from


Not one to do things by halves, Dancingwith the Stars and Total Wipeout hostAmanda Byram recently announced thelaunch of her debut line of activewear:Body By Byram. Featuring 14 key items,from crop tops to vests and capris, thecollection is the culmination of twoyears spent researching and designinga high-end range of clothing for sportywomen. ‘My dream has always beento create a range of workout gear thatwould make women feel beautiful,strong and empowered,’ explains Byram.‘Personally, I feel my most comfortableand confident in activewear. In fact, if Icould host TV and walk the red carpetin it, I’d be a happy girl! I know I’m notalone – women everywhere are reallyembracing an active lifestyle and haveshared their desire with me to feel goodwhen working out.’Byram, a qualified personal trainer andbonafide fitness fanatic, wanted to makesomething that was both flattering andtechnical – and she has definitelyachieved that. Suitable for a range ofsports, the athleisure collection featuresflat-locked seams, moisture-wickingfabrics and body-sculpting panels. Otherfit celebrities such as Fearne Cotton andLaura Whitmore are already fans, andwe reckon you’ll love the range, too.Available from £35 at


Proving that gym kit doesn’t have tocost the earth, Instagram star AliceLiveing has teamed up with Primark( to launch a line ofworkout wear for sizes 6-20. ‘I’m trulyhonoured to be able to do exactly whatI set out to [do], which is create a rangethat’s accessible to all, is stylish and thatactually works,’ said Liveing on herInstagram account, and we couldn’tagree more. The range of kit isimpressive. Think: 42 crops, vests, tees,jackets and leggings. It’s affordable, withthe cheapest item costing just £3.50and the most expensive being a purse-friendly £16. And it doesn’t seem toskimp on functionality either – there’sreflective detailing, mesh inserts andseam-free layers. Expect bold reds, lotsof khaki and the odd bit of camo printto whet your workout appetite. Hey,you’ve no excuse for turning up to thegym in joggers and tees now!


Statement prints. Asymmetric cuts. Metallic numbers. Zakti Activewear’s latest collectionhas the style needed to bring out the inner dancer in you. No wonder, then, that dancerchoreographer and former Pussy Cat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt, has played a part in the launchof this collection. ‘I love being active and, for me, fitness is about feeling amazing andachieving a healthy balance of mind, body and soul,’ says the celebrity. ‘Dancing hasalways been part of my life and my daily fitness routine, so the design, fit and functionalityof what I wear is key. I’m really proud of Kimberly Wyatt for Zakti and I hope peopleenjoy wearing it.’ If dance workouts are your thing, there are plenty of items to choosefrom – Marbled Stirrup Leggings, designed to be worn over feet or heels; Grippy Socksthat are perfect for yoga or dance classes, and an open-backed leotard that will supportevery move you make. View the entire range at


Channelling fashion through fitness,singer and actress Selena Gomez hasteamed up with Puma to designwomen’s activewear. ‘It’s amazing to seethe influence [of athletic wear andfashion] on style and culture, and I’mexcited to be part of it,’ says theHollywood star. ‘I’m hoping that we cancreate something special together. Wealready have some really cool projects inthe works.’ Gomez, of course, is eludingto Puma’s recent Phenom trainer (£85;, which the pop starmodelled with fitness and finesse. Andthe starlet brings the same edginess andyouth to the pair’s latest trainer offering– the Puma En Pointe collection fromSelena Gomez. ‘Selena is authentic,creative, talented, and fearlessly real.Selena is not afraid of the challengesour world can offer; she fights andperseveres, which is exactly what Pumais all about.’ said Adam Petrick, globaldirector for brand and marketing atPuma. Expect bold, statement pieces inpastel colours. What’s not to love?


You may not haveheard of AlexandraLegouix (she’s a topTV presenter forEurosport), but theTV personality ismaking waves in theyoga world. Not onlyis Legouix flying theflag for women who love motorsportby presenting the World Touring CarChampionship, but she’s also a fitnessprofessional and a yoga instructor.Her new DVD Yoga Made Simple: ForBeginners & Improvers is the ultimatebody fix for anyone who wants to giveyoga go for the first time.

‘It truly is forpeople who may never have done yogabefore or need a bit of extra confidencebefore starting a class,’ says Legouix.‘Or for those who need a refresher or areperhaps getting active again after injuryand need some help.’Sound good? The DVD is split into four20-minute sections – Stretch, Core,Energy and Relaxation – and is availableto buy for £9.99 at


Are Pilates and cardioyour thing? Thenyou’ve got somethingin common with singerand media personalityLouise Redknapp.The former Strictly ComeDancing contestant recentlyendorsed new fitness app Niix(, an online Pilates andfitness studio that offerson-demand classes for alllevels. What separates Niixfrom workout apps? Niix hasbeen created for womenapproaching 40 and beyond.The workouts range from10 to 30 minutes – great forthose who are juggling jobs,children and active lives.There’s also a strong focuson technique to ensure thatinjuries are kept at bay andresults are long-lasting. Wantto follow a plan? There’s aneight-week programme forbeginners, intermediate andadvanced fitbies, plus asix-week plan for new mums.And you can even sign upto the 30-day nutrition plancompiled by health writer andnutritionist Lily Soutter. It’s nowonder Redknapp is such afan! Free trials of the app areavailable, then it costs£14.99 per month. Availablefor download via the AppStore and Google Play.


The A-list love to flock to a fitness class. But which Los Angeles studios are they heading to?

SoulCycle (’s no secret that bike workoutSoulCycle is a popularcelebrity jaunt. Stars suchas David Beckham, DemiLovato, Lady Gaga and SelenaGomez have all taken to socialmedia in the past to sharetheir love of SoulCycle classeswith followers.

Rise Nation ( Pioneering the popularVersaclimber workout, RiseNation is popular with HilaryDuff, Jennifer Aniston, BradleyCooper and Emma Stone. Youcan try a similar workout atBXR London (

TruFusion ( clue’s in the name –this workout combines yoga,barre, Pilates, bootcamp,boxing, cycling, aerial work,kettlebell moves and battle-ropeexercises. Phew. It’s no wonderJennifer Lopez is such a big fan.

Barre Belle ( Drew Barrymore iscurrently training to get in shapefor the new series of the SantaMonica Diet TV series. MarieAlton, her personal trainer,offers Barre Belle classes, a60-minute ballet barre workoutthat combines strength andflexibility training.

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