How do bodybuilders practice posing?


Another thing is to pay attention to how these models pose. Posing in pictures can completely change the way your physique appears. So even if you don’t have an ass now, if you pose just right, it can make you look like your do. As you are developing that ass, posing right can highlight it EVEN MORE.

Pay close attention to the angles, the way their weight is distributed on one leg, the arch in their back, the lighting, etc. Also note that they often take dozens or hundreds of photos and videos, to only come out with ONE they will post. Yes, you read that right. So if you intend on growing in social media, know that you will need to play with angles, lighting, and posing, to get the perfect shot. I want you to stop reading right here.

How do bodybuilders practice posing? Photo Gallery

Do some research, download and/or screenshot some images of what you want to look like. Save it on your phone wallpaper, computer desktop, and print up some and put these everywhere! Do it right now! Now that you’ve done that, each time you see this image, visualize THIS as your body. Getting your mindset IN THE GAME and getting your self- image of your DREAM BODY are vital to you staying on track, on point, and DTBW every day. Train your mind harder than you train anything else.

This sums up the mindset. Let’s see how much you remember.
1. What is your self-image?
2. What is a limiting belief you have? What is a new belief to establish?
3. Your mind treats the words “I am” as what?
4. How many steps are there in setting goals?
5. How many action steps are there?
6. Why are we spending this time on mindset?
7. How many times a day are you going to commit to writing down your goals and action goals?
8. Who is your fitness model inspiration?
9. What date did you set for a deadline?
10. Name three places you are going to put your inspirational photo.
11. How much do you love me? (LOL)
12. Did you follow me on social media and SoundCloud yet?
13. Do you have questions? Read the entire book fırst three times, because it’s probably already answered. If it’s not there, message me and I’ll be happy to give you the answer.

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