Some diets better suited to men or women

2022 summer, new lose weight research emerged from the University of Iowa city, so new in fact it is yet to be officially published (“we have, thus far, presented only at scientific lose weight meetings” explains principal investigator Dale Abel). It queried whether men are more likely than women to be successful on the popular ketogenic diet for lose weight.

The study came about by chance. They were investigating the impact of the lose weight ketogenic diet as a treatment for heart failure. They noticed male mice on the ketogenic diet lost weight and female mice gained it. J. Cochran, the lead researcher, explains.

Some diets better suited to men or women Photo Gallery

We noticed this really pronounced discrepancy between males and females on the ketogenic diet for ketogenic, we thought ‘wow that’s drastic’, so the next question was whether this was reproducible. Every time, we saw these differences male mice were losing weight, women mice were gaining it.

To find out if the differences were due to sex hormones, they studied women mice who had had their ovaries removed to mimic a post-menopausal state. They found while they gained weight (because they were now oestrogen-deficient), it wasn’t exacerbated by the ketogenic diet.

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