Set Up Your Kitchen for Detox

Set Up Your Kitchen for Success

What does this mean? One of the first steps to setting yourself up for success is by eliminating the temptations. This means setting your home up for success. You should have already gone through your kitchen and tossed out every food that came packaged, boxed, and all items that were made by man.

These foods include:
• Bread
• Pasta
• Cereal
• Sweeteners
• Soda
• Diet Soda
• Sports drinks
• Fruitjuices
• Candy
• Ice cream
• Gum
• Tortillas
• Yogurts
• Cheese (which is inflammatory for most people)
• ALL wheat products

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Yes, I said to get rid of anything containing wheat. Whole wheat is shit today and is not what it used to be. It’s scientifically engineered crap that’s worse than eating a bag of Skittles. Throw them out! Yes, that means waste the food. But this is not food. These are drugs, toxins, double chins, muffin tops, insecurities in bags, cheating husbands in boxes, and cellulite in a package. Throw it away! It’s not real food. REAL food doesn’t cause inflammation. Real food delivers nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and healthy proteins, carbs, and fats to your muscles. EAT REAL FOOD. Go through your cabinets, through your fridge, and throw away ALL processed, manmade foods. Why do you think this is such an important step? Because addiction is a POWERFUL bitch! If it is in your home, you WILL crave it. You will be tempted. One bad day, one stressful day, and you’ll be inhaling a loaf of bread topped with ice cream while watching The Notebook. Get that shit out ofyour house now.

What belongs in your kitchen? I know most women are the ones who do the majority of the grocery shopping, so I know that what is or isn’t in your home is mostly YOUR fault. Your kids shouldn’t be eating this shit, either. It serves zero benefit and only NEGATIVELY affects their health, development, and self-esteem. As long as it’s in the home, you will crave it. They will bitch as long as it’s available, too. Ifthere’s only healthy food in the home, they will eat it. Now that your kitchen is cleaned up, what foods should you keep in it? Fill your fridge and kitchen with REAL food.

• Veggies of all colors
• Fruit
• Nuts
• Seeds
• Healthy animal proteins (grass-fed, organic, and wild caught)

These are real foods. These are the foods our bodies are designed to eat. These foods provide the proper macros (proteins, carbs, and fats) and micros (vitamins and minerals) that our bodies need to function optimally. They are going to make you look incredible, have vibrant health, tons of energy, and make you feel AMAZING. These foods will not trigger cravings, won’t cause inflammation, and will help you keep your calorie intake in check. Ifyou don’t have cravings, can account for every calorie, and train like a beast all week, what’s going to happen? You’re going to get fucking HOT! Yes, or yes? Okay, we talked about the basics regarding food, so I’m sure you’re wondering by now what you can drink.

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