How to Fix Your Chakras

What supports or fixes

Along the sutures of the skull and covering a large area on the head

The summit

Top of the skull (this is the soft spot on a baby’s head)

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The Lord of all

Vata in general, sense of sight and bodily posture (should be massaged gently) Diseases of the mouth (corresponding region on the face is treated)

Sixth chakra, prana, the mind, senses and pituitary gland (good point for acupressure to calm and focus the mind)

Crown chakra, nervous and circulatory systems, the mind and prana (massage well with fingers and palms and go over all skull sutures)

Crown chakra rules over prana as a whole (massage strongly for 5 minutes to calm mind and emotions and open up higher perceptive powers)

I am concerned that if I work with chakra energy this will conflict with my religious beliefs. Can I leave out chakra balancing?

The principle of chakra energy is not to do with religious doctrine, and many therapists across the religious spectrum work with chakra energy. The idea of working with chakra energy in Indian Head Massage is to add a healing element to the treatment, so it is more than a mechanical massage. If you are not comfortable working with the chakras, then you could omit this part of the treatment or use your own form of healing instead – perhaps in the form of prayer or reiki (see Chapter 9).

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